Morning Scape Farm is a 16 acre farm in Spring Valley, WI. It is owned and operated by Tony and I (along with quite a bit of support from neighbors, family, friends, and of course, our two young sons).

The farm is on the edge of the driftless area. It is a magical region full of forest covered hills and misty valleys. The farm is situated on the edge of a hill, so much of the land is sloped. The soil is mostly clay. There is a garden plot on the flatter land and the rest of the land is either pasture or home plot. The home plot includes a 100+ year old house, barn, workshop, and small greenhouse. Before we bought the farm, it was home to cattle, row crops, and alfalfa. It was part of a family dairy farm for many years. 

Being an older farm, we always have multiple construction and repair projects in the works. Luckily this is a passion and skill of Tony's. We are currently working on making the barn more weather tight and making updates to the house.

The farm is nearest to the towns of Elmwood and Spring Valley, and about an hour from the Twin Cities area. There are many small, medium, and larger farms in the area. 

In addition to farming on the land we own, some seasons we rent land from friends and neighbors. This season we will rent 20+ acres that adjoins our land from our neighbor. It is mostly woods with some very steep hills and some flatter pasture. The cattle will spend the summer grazing the pasture and keeping the brush from growing up. There is a small cabin on the land that we visit sometimes while on our walks to check on the animals.

Although the farm can be beautiful at times, there are also many challenges to be found here. Maybe that is why we fell in love with this place. It's not perfect, and it's not always beautiful, but we are grateful to be able to call this place our home.