We grow a wide variety of produce in our 1 acre garden plot, hoophouse, and greenhouse. Many crops start out in our heated greenhouse before being transplanted into the hoophouse or field. Many crops are planted in successions throughout the year to extend the harvest and ensure a weekly supply at the peak of quality. We focus on variety selection, harvest timing, and post-harvest handling to offer the freshest, most flavorful produce we can.


We are dedicated to being good stewards of the land we farm on. Every season we are improving our farming practices and creating a more sustainable system for growing food. We never use synthetic herbicides or pesticides. We use composting, cover cropping, crop rotation, mulching, row cover, and organic fertilizers and soil amendments to maintain soil and plant health.

In past seasons most of our produce has been sold at the Midtown Farmers Market and Whittier Farmers Market in South Minneapolis. As former residents of the Central Neighborhood in South Minneapolis, we value the opportunity to bring our produce back to this area and continue to be a part of the community.


Another event we have enjoyed vending at is the MN Garlic Festival. We also contribute to the produce offerings at the Barlow Roots Market in Hudson, WI. Some of our produce also goes to Lucette Brewing in Menomonie, WI, for their amazing wood-fired pizzas. This has been a great partnership as they also contribute their spent grain to our compost pile. 

In 2020 we shifted gears and started a CSA that serves our local area, South Minneapolis, and a few spots in between. We also have opened an online farm store offering produce and meat. We value the relationships we have built with our customers in Minneapolis and with our neighbors here in Wisconsin. We are hoping that this shift will allow us to serve both communities more effectively.