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In 2020 we shifted gears and started a CSA that served our local area, South Minneapolis, and a few spots in between. We also opened an online farm store offering produce and meat. In the fall of 2022, after three years of offering the CSA, we decided to take a break from growing vegetables and just focus on raising and selling beef. We don't currently have plans to continue growing produce, but things could always change in the future.

Each year brings something different and we have had to adapt our farm plans to find balance in our lives. We value the relationships we have built with our customers in Minneapolis and with our neighbors here in Wisconsin, and we hope to find ways to stay continue to stay connected.

In past seasons most of our produce has been sold at the Midtown Farmers Market and Whittier Farmers Market in South Minneapolis. As former residents of the Central Neighborhood in South Minneapolis, we valued the opportunity to bring our produce back to this area and continue to be a part of the community.


Another event we have enjoyed vending at is the MN Garlic Festival. We also contributed to the produce offerings at the Barlow Roots Market in Hudson, WI. Some of our produce has also went to Lucette Brewing in Menomonie, WI, for their amazing wood-fired pizzas. This has been a great partnership as they also contributed their spent grain to our compost pile. 

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