Deposit for Custom Processed 1/4 Beef

With a custom processed 1/4 beef, you get to choose how your meat is cut and packaged. The final weight of processed meat that you receive will vary depending on the size of the animal and the instructions you give us for butchering. Because of these variations, we charge based on hanging weight.


For a 1/4 beef you will be charged $4.50/lb hanging weight + butcher's processing fees. Processing usually costs around $1/lb hanging weight.

Most 1/4s will yield 100-150 lbs hanging weight. A 1/4 beef will usually cost $550-825 total. Typically you will end up with 65-95 lbs of beef to put in your freezer.


After we receive your deposit, we will email you a cut sheet that lists the choices you will have for butchering. We are happy to talk you through the cut sheet, especially if this is your first time ordering beef this way. 


Your beef will be butchered by Sailer's Meats in Elmwood, WI. It will be USDA inspected and vaccuum packed. We have butcher dates scheduled in May and November 2022.


We will send your final invoice once we get the hanging weight back from the butcher. We will also arrange pick up or delivery at this time.


You always have the option of picking your beef up directly from the butcher in Elmwood, WI, or here at the farm. We can do home delivery within about an hour radius from the farm (Minneapolis to Eau Claire) for a small fee.

Deposit for Custom Processed 1/4 Beef

  • Pick Up and Delivery Options

    Farm Pick Up: Free pick up on the farm is available most days from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM. We will send you an email confirmation when your order is ready and instructions for pick up.

    Delivery: Home delivery is available within about an hour radius of the farm. We will correspond with you via email to confirm the delivery time and day. Charge varies depending on your location and will be included in the final invoice.