Since the fall of 2017 we have been slowly growing our herd of Highland cattle. Our goal is to be able to sell beef that was raised completely on our farm. While the herd is growing, we are also raising cattle purchased from nearby farmers. They average about ten months old when they come to our farm and they are fully grass fed until they are ready to go to our local butcher, Sailer's Meats, just down the hill in Elmwood. 


Taking the grass fed approach benefits the cattle, the environment, and the quality of the beef. During the summer the cattle are rotationally grazed on our pastures and on rented pastures. During the winter they are provided with hay grown and harvested by neighboring farmers. We really appreciate having neighbors who make excellent hay and help us stock up enough to get through even the harshest winters.

We typically have beef available in the fall. It is sold by the 1/2, 1/4, or 1/8. We charge $4.50 per pound hanging weight plus processing costs. On average, this works out to $8 per pound of processed meat. It will be cut and packaged to your specifications. It is USDA inspected and vacuum packed. Please email or call with any questions or to inquire about beef availability.

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